What is our goal in the long run?

Students in our urban centers across the United States are often those who have the most apparent access to opportunities and experiences that will enhance their education; however, because of a menagerie of systemic issues it is often these same young people who are never able to take advantage of these resources that have the potential to tip them to higher levels of success.

In the Greater Newark area of northern New Jersey, a group of educators came together in the late fall of 2012 to develop an organization that would bridge the gap between the limitless opportunities of the Greater NYC area and the students in the north Jersey area that need them the most. After much planning and enthusiastic anticipation, IGNITE Greater Newark was launched and has been successfully pairing educators and students from across the region to engage in transformative experiences that are positively and powerfully impacting the life paths of young leaders across the area.

This group seeks to level the playing field in for our students. For so many students across the country, it is a given that they will be able to explore the many academic, cultural, and social institutions of their region and through these experience develop the ever-important and oft-forgotten cultural capital that sets them apart from their competition. Yet in many urban centers those institutions serve tourists and outsiders more than residents and neighbors. As these education pioneers work to bridge this opportunity gap, young leaders throughout the Greater Newark region are being given an opportunity to experience the same things their peers in nearby affluent communities do. Through IGNITE Greater Newark, students receive the cultural capital needed to navigate their futures with confidence.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."


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We organize, plan, and execute excursions with students at an academic tipping point from the Greater Newark area who are nominated by their teachers. Our goal is to impact the life paths of young leaders through transformative experiences. However, this task requires the time, talent, and treasure of many people to successfully complete.